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The endurance sports community is increasingly crowded. There are thousands of events for endurance athletes to choose from. Our directory gives your events free publicity. And by using Endure Strong's other free services, your events are automatically featured in the directory—offerring even higher visibility for your events. It's never been easier to gain direct access to the many potential customers looking for their next event.
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You work hard to produce successful events. Endure Strong offers access to our free, state-of-the-art survey application. It truly is the easiest way to gain powerful insight into the successes and shortcomings of your events. The survey creation process is so easy that it takes less than a minute to complete. Plus, the survey is dynamic, visually appealing, and fun, making it just as painless and quick for your athletes to complete. Show your customers that you strive to be the best and use Endure Strong's free survey.
In addition to our free directory and free survey application, Endure Strong offers race directors additional tools to help them succeed. We host an exclusive Facebook group which allows race directors to privately connect. There, we share insights into the endurance sports industry based on the analysis of the data we collect. Being endurance sports enthusiasts ourselves, we want you to succeed — because the entire endurance community benefits when you succeed.