The Easiest Way To Listen To Your Athletes

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Putting on an event can be compared to the athlete preparing for a race—it requires many months of hard work and preparation. However, unlike the athlete, your work doesn't end at the finish line. It can be tempting to wrap things up as quickly as possible and focus on your next event, but this is a huge mistake. Endure Strong understands the constraints on your time and resources, so we offer the industry's easiest survey application at no cost to you.
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By utilizing a standardized survey, you are able to skip the survey creation process, saving you valuable time and resources. Our survey asks questions most important to the athletes, making them the most important questions for any race director to ask. Because the survey is pre-made, it only takes a minute to setup the survey and send out the survey link to your athletes. And that's it! From there, you are able to monitor the survey progress in real-time from your dashboard.

The survey asks 10 questions based on a 10 point scale, giving your event an overall score based on a 100 point scale. Survey participants are asked to rate your event based on the following questions:

How would you rate the...

Event Organization
Registration and Check-in Processes
Use and Integration of Technology
Race Support
Finish Line Environment
Helpfulness of the Volunteers
Services from & Interaction with Sponsors
Overall Value of the Event

In addition, participants are asked whether or not they would recommend this event to a friend, providing you with an overall sentiment of the event.

Lastly, survey participants are able to easily add comments to the 10 graded areas, offering additional insight into how you are doing in the specific area. Survey scores are shared publicly on our race directory, however survey comments are kept confidential and are not publicly shared.

Once the survey is complete and closed out, all survey results are able to be saved, exported, and printed for your records. The Endure Strong survey is very simple and easy to use, allowing you to focus your limited time and resources on those things that will make your events even better going forward.

In addition to the valuable feedback that you will receive through Endure Strong's survey, we will help you grow your event by featuring it for free in our race directory. All events that use our free survey will get free priority listing! This will persuade many potential athletes to sign up for that event because they will see real reviews, which are critical in today's online purchasing environment. It's never too late to do a survey, so don't delay and start your survey today!
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